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Sliker is Action-Oriented Retro Arena Shooter game. It has a bunch of cool features, including a Level Editor, lots of challenging levels, and much much more...

This game was well received by many indie game critics while, with an average score of 7.8/10.

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CoVs-Sliker is a Graphically Retro Shooter. It features both, a Single Player Mode and a Multiplayer Mode, both cooperative and competitive. You can also choose to play with the Keyboard, the Mouse, any Gamepad, a Wii Remote or a SIXAXIS. With so many levels, including 5 intense boss battles, a co-op mode, multiplayer, and a ton of extras that will keep you busy for hours, you can't go wrong with playing CoVs-Sliker.

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 Shokt is a unique Action Strategy Game where the goal is to protect the Cores. It was created Specifically for one of Game Jolt's Competitions.

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Everything's a Lie is a game for the Nintendo DS, where the goal is to collect the 7 Death Eggs. This game was made for the DS Game Maker Easter Competition.

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 A Remake of one of the first ever videos games to ever be made, and the AI's been made a lot harder. With Advanced AI and two annoying blocks in the centre of all the action. This Pong game may be the hardest one you will ever play. Can you beat this insane paddle.

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 Sliker DS


 Sliker DS is the definitve version of the Sliker formula for the Nintendo DS. With the same gameplay as its PC counterparts, Sliker DS also features intense boss battles, achievements, several difficulty levels, an online leaderboard, and much, much more.

Download from GameJolt (4.2MB)




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 SlikerDS is game for the Nintendo DS. It is 2 Players only, but can be played on one Nintendo DS!

Note: This is not the full Sliker DS game, which can be found above.

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Sliker Portable SPO

Sliker Portable is a compressed version of Sliker. This game can be played on Devices that can run .exe files. 'SPO' Stands for 'Sliker Power Oblivion'.

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 Retro - Sliker is an even more Retro Version of Sliker. It doesn't get as Retro as this!

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 Bit Streamer



BitStreamer is a game made for the Wii that is a mixture of Bit Rider and SFCave. Stream through the Btstream while avoiding all of the viruses that bar your way.

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 Aiomi DS

Aiomi DS is a Flying Adventure Game for the Nintendo DS Handheld. There is a large variety of minigames that you can play with Aiomi, including Flying, Swimming, and Catch!

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Vissicitude is a conceptual platform game which is based on the idea of changing the environment.

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The Eternal Mystic is an upcoming game for Windows



  "Losing Friends is a way of life, much like how we gain them..." Join Ruth and save the world in an emotional adventure which is brought to life through pixelated cutscenes!
An Action RPG filled with intriguing and innovative combat, both addictive and fun.

This game came in first place in the GMU Competition.

 Download Demo (2.3MB)



 Aiomi is an upcoming Flying Adventure Game for the PC. Help Aiomi collect Gemorbs to save the birds from the evil Zakut.

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